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VITAL BEAUTIE Slimmer Programm, 25ml/ 0.85fl.oz x 30 ea

VITAL BEAUTIE Slimmer Programm, 25ml/ 0.85fl.oz x 30 ea

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Slimer D-X The wise choice for a firm and balanced body line. Awaken the body fat burning rhythm by activating the fat burning metabolism with Slimmer D-X. It can help reduce body fat, including abdominal fat, resulting in a balanced body line.

 Start managing your body line with Slimer D X, a simple and tasty once daily body fat management ampoule.

A little habit for a beautiful body line, Slimer D X Delicious and easy-to-use slimming ampoule Slimer D X without water! Light! wherever! Delicious slimming ampoule that you can eat.

With a small consumption of 25 ml once a day, it can be consumed continuously with a refreshing taste.

We recommend taking it in the morning or before your workout. A smart slimming ampoule with sophisticated functionality, Slimmer D-X contains indigestible maltodextrin (dietary fiber) that can help smooth bowel movements that are the most unpleasant part of a diet or stressful daily life, in addition to its fat reduction function.


Indigestible maltodextrin (foreign (Russia, Hungary, Serbia, etc.)), APIC soy germ hot water extract, etc. Complex (soy germ hot water extract (soy extract (soy (USA)), L-carnitine)), purified water , xylitol, citrus concentrate and juice (domestic production), L-arginine, lemon concentrate, citric acid, natural lemon flavor (natural flavor), DL-malic acid, trisodium citrate, fermented tea extract after aging, golden mixture concentrate treated with stevia enzymes , vitamin C, calcium lactate, gellan gum.
25ml/ 0.85fl.oz x 30 ea