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SU:M37 Water-full Full Special Set, 8 items
SU:M37 Water-full Full Special Set, 8 items
SU:M37 Water-full Full Special Set, 8 items
SU:M37 Water-full Full Special Set, 8 items

SU:M37 Water-full Full Special Set, 8 items

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Water-Full is the famous line of moisturizing premium enzymatic cosmetics from Su:m37.

Their unique tradition of natural fermentation sets them apart as a premium brand of cosmetic products.

With this method of treatment, their active substances are decomposed by the enzymes of microorganisms to the smallest level, allows cosmetics to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and achieve optimum results.

Consistent use of their products guarantee long-term hydration, restoring to you skin a natural feeling of comfort.

Water-Full line of products use over a hundred active herbal ingredients, including flower extracts of red clover, honeysuckle, and hibiscus, as well as bamboo water and more.

Beyond intensive moisturizing, Water-Full provides a comprehensive approach to skin care. This ranges from anti-aging and increased skin elasticity, all due to the action of phytoestrogens responsible for inhibiting the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Also, the presence of fruit acids help to even out skin tone and relief and narrow pores while removing dead cells.

Anthocyanins, which are an integral product ingredient, are obtained from natural plant materials and provide powerful antioxidant protection. Also, due to the rich composition of macro- and micro- elements, amino acids and essential oils, their entire cosmetics line has an anti-inflammatory results, as well as vaso-strengthening, anti-stress results and stimulates microcirculation in skin tissues.

Water-Full Skin Refreshing Toner:
Instantly moisturizes and soothes skin, leaving a refreshing, hydrated, smooth complexion.
Water-Full Rebalancing Gel Emulsion:
Its gel, watery texture offers cooling effect and deep hydration to the skin.
Water-Full Time Leap Water Gel Cream:
This is a powerful moisturizing cream-gel designed to maintain the hydro-lipid balance of your skin.
This cream gel contains a complex of natural fermented bamboo and lotus extract and fruit water. It effectively and immediately moisturizes, easily penetrating into the deep layers of the skin.
Protecting your skin from dehydration and dryness, it tones vitality and soothes irritation. It can also reduce facial skin temperature for the whole day, and is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving behind stickiness and shine.
This cream gel is recommended for use during any time of the year. Its lightweight texture offers cooling and refreshing effects to fatigued skin against external irritation such as sun rays.

This line:

  • Formulated with fermented ingredient
  • Soothes and moisture sensitive and irritated skin
  • Keeps the skin hydrated all day
  • All skin type
  • Lightweight texture
  • Great for pore care
  • Contains Snow Lotus and Bamboo Sap

This Water-Full Special Set consists of:

  • Water-Full Skin Refreshing Toner, 170ml/ 5.75fl.oz + 20ml (travel size)
  • Water-Full Rebalancing Gel Emulsion, 120ml/ 4.6fl.oz  + 20ml (travel size)
  • Water-Full Time Leap Water Gel Cream, 20ml/ 0.68fl.oz + 10ml  (travel size)
  • Water-Full Amino Cleansing Foam, 40ml/ 1.35fl.oz
  • Water-Full Bluemune Essence, 25ml/ 0.84fl.oz  + 8ml (travel size)
  • Genuine moist lip balm
How to use:

1. After cleansing, apply a moderate amount of toner on a cotton pad and pat gently on the entire face.

2. Pump 1-2 times of the Gel Emulsion after applying essence, apply it on the center of the face and spread outwards evenly. Pat gently for better absorption.

3. Then, apply a moderate amount of Gel Cream on the entire face. Pat gently along the skin texture.