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OHUI The First Geniture Ampoule Cover Cushion Holiday Set, Milk Beige #1, 5 items

OHUI The First Geniture Ampoule Cover Cushion Holiday Set, Milk Beige #1, 5 items

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An ampoule cushion foundation SPF 50+/PA+++ enriched with the key ingredient of The First Ampoule Advanced. 

Its fine particles of powder settle, lock makeup with a luxurious result while Dual Fixing System helps makeup stay put for long hours without a drying, tightening feeling.

Try out with the exclusive puff and brush specially designed to provide a thin, even layer for an ultra-adhesive makeup that looks like bare skin.

Ohui Real Color 9 Eye Shadow with 9 fashionable and luxurious colors completes makeup for sharp, non-greasy eyes, naturally covering lines. On face. Outstanding adhesion helps maintain color and vibrant face throughout the day. Ohui Real Color Eye Shadow is a high-adhesive powdery eyeshadow product that does not drift in water. The product is designed with 9 different Color compartments, giving you five things Choose with five gentle, delicate colors.

All Skin Types

The First Ampoule Cushion puff : A premium puff made of a thicker ruby cell fabric compared to the general ruby-cell puff for a more adhesive result.
Perfecting Cover Brush : A diagonally cut brush inspired by fingers of makeup artist to provide precision in an adhesive makeup. It achieves a more natural finish at the last stage of makeup in particular.

Set Contians
  •   Cushion 15g + 2 refills 15g ea
  •   Perfecting Cover Brush 
  •   Eyeshadow Palette