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MEDI-PEEL Herbal Peel Tox, 120g/ 4.23 oz

MEDI-PEEL Herbal Peel Tox, 120g/ 4.23 oz

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Rejuvenating all-in-one Wash Off Type Mask with gentle herbal leaves the composition of the Spicule includes more than 60 beneficial marine microorganisms, 21 types of amino acids and 14 types of minerals intensively moisturize and stimulate the processes of cell division and skin regeneration. An exfoliator with extracts of Korean Green Tea and Artemisia Campestris  to buff away dead skin cells while repairing skin. It also helps reduce the appearance of redness and uneven skin tone.

With EGF and 9 types of Peptide to help improve skin vitality and elasticity.

Green formulation with soft raw scrub containing Korean jinjin mugwort and green tea.

  • Soothes irritated skin, relieves itching and redness
  • Exfoliates, polishes and removes dead skin cells
  • Strengthens protective functions of the epidermis and restores the lipid barrier of the skin
  • Helps in the fight against skin imperfections
  • Accelerates healing of inflammation and reduces the severity of post-acne

Suitable for troubled, sensitive skin thanks for its outstanding soothing, purifying properties.


After cleansing, use toner to prepare skin texture. Take an appropriate amount and spread over the entire face except around the eyes. Press firmly to penetrate HerbalTox. Wash in lukewarm water within 15 minutes (up to 15 minutes). (It may sting temporarily during the penetration of fine needles. Excessive rubbing of the entire skin may irritate the skin, so gently rub only 3 ~ 4 times of oily parts such as nose and chin. Recommended to use 1~2 times per week)


Centella extract, Centella leaf extract, Asianticoside, Madecaic acid, Asiantic acid.

120g/ 4.23 oz