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DEOPROCE Snail Recovery Cream, 100g/ 3.53oz
DEOPROCE Snail Recovery Cream, 100g/ 3.53oz
DEOPROCE Snail Recovery Cream, 100g/ 3.53oz
DEOPROCE Snail Recovery Cream, 100g/ 3.53oz

DEOPROCE Snail Recovery Cream, 100g/ 3.53oz

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Cream with filth of filthy mucus Deoproce Snail Recovery Cream has a multifunctional restoring anti-aging action: smooths facial wrinkles, brightens pigmentation, moisturizes the skin and increases its elasticity.

The composition of the cream is 200 mg of ulcerative filtrate (mucin). Mucin has an active regenerating effect, accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, smooths out skin irregularities, facial wrinkles, scars and scars, improves the relief and texture of the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis.

Cream Deoproce Snail Recovery Cream also contains an extract of the root of Japanese yams. The root of Japanese yams is rich in plant mucin, which enhances the effect of mucin cochlea, has an antioxidant effect, reduces wrinkles and soothes allergic skin reactions. Mucin, contained in the root of yams, also has a moisturizing effect and creates a waterproof film on the skin, preventing loss of moisture.

The cream contains niacinamide, a functional ingredient that brightens the skin, eliminating a dull complexion and age-related pigment spots and regulating moisture balance in the epidermis.

Licorice root extract containing flavonoids has a calming effect on the skin, reduces irritation and inflammation, accelerates healing, makes the skin clean and fresh.

Extracts of porcelain garden and green tea have an antioxidant effect and accelerate the regeneration of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin, restores moisture in the skin and returns elasticity and elasticity to it.

Cream Deoproce Snail Recovery Cream has a viscous texture due to the high content of mucin, so in order for the cream to absorb well, it must be applied with light patting movements. After soaking, the cream does not leave a sticky sensation.



Use at the last stage of skin care, dispense appropriate amount to apply over your face. 



Water, snail secretion filtrate, glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, butylene glycol, sodium hyaluronate, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), niacinamide, glyceryl stearate, cyclopentasiloxane, cyclohexasiloxane, betaine, bees wax, microcrystalline wax, polysorbate 60, isopropyl myristate, beta-glucan, hydrolyzed corn starch, sodium chondroitin sulfate, sclerotium gum, sucrose, dioscorea japonica root extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, glycyrrhiza glabra (ricolice) root extract, portulaca oleracea extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, olea europaea (olive) leaf extract, nelumbium speciosum flower extract, adenosine, sodium polyacrylate, stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, peg-100 stearate, sorbitan stearate, dimethicone, carbomer, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben ,disodium edta, fragrance.

100g/ 3.53oz