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Boncho Study Gum Toothpaste, 100g/ 3.53oz
Boncho Study Gum Toothpaste, 100g/ 3.53oz

Boncho Study Gum Toothpaste, 100g/ 3.53oz

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Protecting Healthy Gums Through Gum Care from the Roots!


Boncho Study is a functional dental care brand that finds the wisdom for good oral health from the traditions of our Korean ancestors and ingredients found in nature. From ancient times, dental health was considered valuable so much so that it was thought as a priority among the Five Blessings (the concept of five good fortunes or luck in life).

SALTOX™ is Amorepacific's technology in formulating highcontent salt. Salt that is beneficial for oral and gum health has been formed perfectly and stably without any synerisis or weakening of the formation of foam that comes with highcontent salt prescription.

The product contains 20% salt to maximize the benefits of the salt that protect dental health. Toothpaste has whitening effect. And clinical trials have confirmed that it has outstanding qualities in preventing gum diseases and other linked conditions such as gingivitis, plaque buildup, periodontal disease, bad breath, and toothache.


Slightly moist toothbrush. Dispense a pea size of toothpaste and brush your teeth. 3. Rinse thoroughly.

100g/ 3.53oz