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ANSKIN Modeling Mask Pearl, 240g/ 8.47oz
ANSKIN Modeling Mask Pearl, 240g/ 8.47oz
ANSKIN Modeling Mask Pearl, 240g/ 8.47oz

ANSKIN Modeling Mask Pearl, 240g/ 8.47oz

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Contains 20 of amino acids, 28 of minerals of Pearl Ingredients help blood circulation, cell regeneration, aging prevention and whitening.
With excellent transparency effects, it suppresses the occurrences of imperfections such as darkness, blemishes and improves transparency, elasticity and hydration
Diatomite, Glucose, Betaine ,as active Ingredients, Intensively moisturize, calm the skin quickly, and give skin flexibility and elasticity.
All the disadvantages of modeling to complement developed so that anyone can manage without the burden of Soft Gel-type modeling product.
Good for for Dark Skin with Blemishes, Freckles.

    Regular use of Anskin Green Tea Modeling Mask makes the face cleaner and fresher evens out skin tone. Traces of post-acne, freckles and age spots lighten (and after a course of procedures disappears by 70–75%).


    Prepare your skin: cleanse it, tone it and apply serum. Stir the powder with warm water until a consistency of a “yougurt” or “ no lumps”. Apply a thick layer (3-5 mm) on your skin, can include eyes, eye brows and lips. After 25-30 min, mask will solidify then remove it from the bottom to the top. For easier removal of the mask, moisten the dried edges with water. Carry on with your routine apply toner, serume/ampoule, eye cream, moisturizer.


    Diatomite, Natural lemon grass particles (4%), Lemongrass extract, Sodium Alginate, Glucose, Magnesium oxide, Calcium Sulfate, Mineral oil, Corn starch, Tetra sodium pyro phosphate, Pearl powder, etc.

    240g/ 8.47oz